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I provide evidence-based, action-oriented coaching to individuals & couples. Coaching is a direct way of creating positive changes in the relationship with yourself & others. 
Coaching is results-based. The goal of coaching is to help you improve practical aspects of your day-to-day life for the better. Coaching provides solutions and strategies so you can see and feel the shifts in your life.

$ 185.00 per 50 min coaching call/zoom

$ 370.00 per 100 min coaching call/zoom

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Professional Consultation

I provide professional consultation on an as needed basis to add to your skill set. Areas I provide  consultation in, include:

quality management for clinical documentation
clinical documentation best practices
clinical case consultation
professional development
business development 

$200 per 60 min consult

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Social Media Consultation

Do you have a business that isn’t getting the exposure it deserves? Do you offer a unique service or product but have trouble connecting with your ideal consumer? Chances are you aren’t using one of the most lucrative marketing tools available: social media.

I’ll teach you how to harness the power of social media through Instagram so that your business is the choice to a potential client. Together we identify tangible targets, how to measure what’s working /what’s not, and how to convert social media reach to revenue.

Discovery Call (30 minutes)

Book a complimentary discovery call to explore what you are needing for your business and how social media can help. Share with me what you’ve tried in the past and where you want to be in the future. When reaching out be sure to include any website or social media links you currently utilize.

Social Media Refresh (2 hours)

The Social Media Refresh is for business owners who just need a little tune up. If you know what works for your business on a social media level but need new ideas or a fresh perspective, this package is for you. We crank out content for the months ahead so you can stop overthinking and can focus on the stuff that matters.

Social Media Starter Package (3 months)

The Social Media Starter package is for business owners & creators that have an incredible service or product and need help exposing it in front of the right audience to generate revenue. I teach you how to grow your business from the ground up using the power of Instagram with NO paid ads. This service includes 3 meetings and weekly support so that I can guide you as you create, edit and post to social media. We track and tweak the work we create so that at the end of month three, you can run it all solo!

Social Media Your Way

If your business has unique needs, let’s discuss and create a consultation package that aligns with you. Do you learn better with all day intensives? Do you need multiple team members trained? Then I can create a Social Media Package your way so that your business can thrive.

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